Harnessing the power of the Salesforce platform, 3Circle Solutions delivers custom-built technology at your fingertips.

Using Salesforce’s robust cloud technology, we can configure solutions to fit the needs of businesses in any sector.

Salesforce is complex. Let us navigate through the tools for you and determine the best approach for your business.


Economic Development Salesforce Dashboard

3Circle’s EDOIQ QuickStart Dashboards synergize data, people and technology, creating a powerful platform that provides decision-makers and stakeholders with critical information specific to your community’s economic climate.

3Circle’s ORGIQ QuickStart Dashboards harness the power of Salesforce technology and innovation to support nonprofits by providing access to data, knowledge and connections, ensuring everyone is working together, for the common good.

Why Salesforce?
Salesforce®, the market-leader in customer success platforms, is designed to unlock the hidden value of your data to reduce business costs, improve decision-making processes and identify areas for improvement. Salesforce was an early adopter of Cloud and SaaS (Software as a Service), which means it is easily accessible on any device anywhere, and you’ll never have to worry about disruptions from system upgrades—our approach to software development protects you. There’s no need for servers, networks, data centers and IT techs. Salesforces data centers around the world are expertly managed and provide high availability, privacy, data integrity, and data replication. (See trust.salesforce.com for more information.)

Look for the badge
As a Salesforce Partner, 3Circle Solutions offers a smarter solution to help you sell, service and market smarter with the full suite of Salesforce® business applications.