Helping You Optimize Your
Salesforce Investment

We’ll assess your data and operational needs, creating an optimized Salesforce solution and train your team to get your business back to what it does best.

Primary Benefits of our Salesforce Rescue
  • Update & automate
  • Legacy Salesforce implementations
  • Comprehensive project/program tracking
  • Improved data integrity Return on Investment
  • Better relationships with constituents
  • Improved team collaboration
  • Interactive, real-time dashboards
Yes, Salesforce IS a sound decision.
When optimized correctly, Salesforce will help grow your company into a streamlined and efficient business engine. 3Circle Solutions can help you get out what you put into it.
Most Common Salesforce Rescues

Legacy Salesforce Implementation
We can bring your system up to speed by cleaning up the data, removing outdated coding and implement the latest Salesforce technology to get your business on track.

Ineffective Implementation
You hired a consultant who had a narrow view of your industry and tried to fit your needs into a generic Salesforce platform and you’re not getting the most out of the technology. We are technical Salesforce experts and we have a deep understanding of business, nonprofits and other organizations—from an operational and strategic perspective. 3Circle Solutions can build a customized platform that works for you.

DIY Installation
Salesforce is a powerful platform, but it takes time and expertise to adapt it to your business’ needs. If you’ve purchased and installed Salesforce, but don’t feel you’re getting the most out of it, 3Circle Solutions can uncover tools you never knew you needed and get your team up and running more quickly.

We implemented a Salesforce Rescue for Douglas County Economic Development Authority.


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