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Refinery Mission

The Refinery Mission is a faith-based non-profit that works with men in need of emergency and transitional housing so they can become self-sufficient and successfully transition back into society. Johnny Carriere, who’s been the Refinery Mission’s executive director for over a decade, asked 3Circle Solutions to create a Salesforce-based set of tools so they could manage their clients and donations in a better way.

3Circle Solutions worked with Refinery Mission to create a customized plan, leveraging existing Salesforce solutions, and creating custom objects, fields and automations. Their implementation needed to handle case management, contacts, in-house projects, fundraising and donor tracking, and more. Before, Refinery Mission was using multiple platforms to keep track of this information, not to mention a lot of pen and paper. A key requirement was to consolidate all of these processes and legacy platforms in one place that was easy for Refinery Mission’s staff to understand and use.

Now, Refinery Mission has an online form for emergency and transitional housing, and automatically receives an email alert whenever someone submits the form. They can evaluate it on the spot, which is imperative in emergency situations. Once a client is accepted to Refinery Mission, the staff uses Salesforce to track each man’s progress, attendance at mandatory and optional events, work commitments, requests for leave, discharge information and other behavioral notes.

They are also able to track all fundraising events and campaigns through Salesforce so they can identify donation opportunities from year to year. As a team, they use Salesforce to track tasks that each staff member needs to complete and to track their progress on projects.

Refinery Mission is using Salesforce for their unique set of use cases and needs, which speaks to the flexibility of Salesforce and 3Circle’s ability to provide solutions that maximize an organization’s software investment and fits the client’s specific needs.

“This is by far the best investment we’ve ever made. It’s that impactful and powerful for what we do, and it’s streamlined everything we do in our organization.”
Johnny Carriere, Executive Director, The Refinery

Key Results:   

  • RM transitioned from 32-resident capacity to 64-resident capacity with scalable solutions already in place in Salesforce.
  • Tracked 484 leads and 3,127 cases in the full year since implementation (when there was no way to track those before).
  • Increased donations by an estimated $50,000 from the previous year