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3Circle Solutions Customizes Salesforce to Manage and Grow JohnPac’s Sales Pipeline

As a USA manufacturer and sizable industrial packaging distribution company servicing customers all over the world, JohnPac needed to improve its ability to understand the sales pipeline, for the company as a whole, by team and by individual salesperson.

In 2016, to aid in their market expansion efforts, organize sales and provide greater insight into revenue growth progress, JohnPac purchased Salesforce. “We chose the number one CRM program (Salesforce), but we were struggling as we are a small company. We have some really smart people, but everyone has a job to do with no time to jump in and be the Salesforce champion. That’s why we hired Anne and her team at 3Circle Solutions,” says JohnPac CEO Mary Ellen Henry.

In the initial phase of their Salesforce implementation, 3Circle Solutions worked with JohnPac to configure standard sales opportunity functionality within Salesforce to be more relevant and align with the company’s own sales processes to get everyone on the same page. “Because JohnPac’s sales team is not organized by territory, it also lets everyone see who’s working on which accounts, what’s available to go after and keeps sales reps from stepping all over each other,” she says.

“3Circle’s customization of Salesforce has drastically streamlined the workflow of our quoting process, and has really shortened our sales cycle. Our efficiency has improved a 100%.”

Salesforce has also provided JohnPac executives and salespeople real-time pipeline visibility and transparency, and enables a more accurate prediction of future revenue streams.

The progress has been remarkable. “Sales have increased 200 percent since implementation for certain reps with more to come; we are doing more upselling to existing customers, and gaining insight into lost opportunities and areas that need attention. The sales team is also more motivated with dashboard views of metrics and opportunity status,” says Henry.

Customized RFQs
In 2018, JohnPac required added functionality in Salesforce to automate and streamline their Request-for-Quote process. They were looking to eliminate errors, reduce time to quote and reduce lost business opportunities associated with their manual processes. Salesforce experts, 3Circle Solutions, streamlined the workflow of JohnPac’s quoting process which drastically shortened sales cycles and improved efficiency by 100 percent.

Hans Peckhaus, global technical director and a leading sales rep at JohnPac says, “Salesforce is exceptional for a review of my accounts which reminds me to be proactive. I view it as an order maker vs. order taker.” He attributes $500,000 in new business alone in his 2018 sales to Salesforce.

“It’s been phenomenal; we couldn’t have automated quoting within Salesforce without 3Circles,” Henry says.

Future Plans to Maximize Salesforce Include Mobility and Marketing
JohnPac chose Salesforce with growth in mind and plans additional customization to increase their usage of the rich feature set. “We are very happy with the solution and the work 3Circle Solutions has done for us to maximize our investment in Salesforce,” says Henry. Future plans include configuring mobile functionality and increasing marketing activity within Salesforce. “It really helped us efficiently manage our outreach to customers during the holiday season, and we haven’t even scratched the surface of what we’ll do from a marketing campaign perspective.”

Key Results:

  • Automated, streamlined complex quoting workflow
  • Increased sales for certain reps by 200%
  • Improved sales and quoting efficiency by 100%
  • Reduced quoting errors and lost business due to long quote times