A Salesforce Solution As
Unique As Your Business

In the hands of experts, Salesforce can be used as a basis for the development of software to suit just about any purpose. Unlike databases and programming languages, it comes out of the box with enormous capability built right in, making development quicker and less costly than the alternatives. Using Salesforce’s robust cloud technology, we can configure solutions to fit the needs of businesses in any sector.

Primary Benefits of Our Custom Builds
  • Integrates siloed departmental data
  • Eliminates inefficiencies and redundancies
  • Real-time data, analytics and reporting
  • Seamless, cross-team collaboration
  • Increase in team and departmental productivity
  • Engage constituents, track trends and projections
  • Built on the powerful Salesforce platform

Our Custom Build Salesforce packages improve efficiency and performance of your business. The result will be technology that fits your business like a glove.

Robust Functionality Includes

– Custom Configurations

– Custom Automation

– Custom Reports & Dashboards

– Custom Integration

– Data Migration

Setting your business apart from the others is what will allow you to flourish in our current climate of accelerating change. 3Circle Solutions is ready to work with you and your team to implement a custom-built Salesforce solution that will improve performance and help you with decision making, as well as help you capitalize on business opportunities and dodge threats in our world of commerce.

We customized Salesforce for manufacturer JohnPac.


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