When you’re getting ready to choose a CRM for your business, how do you know you’re choosing the right one? Will it fit your needs now, as well as your future needs? How do you choose between the free, “freemium,” and paid options?

When you’re searching for the answers to those questions, consider the Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM. Now, there are options to fit your size business with Salesforce Editions.

With Salesforce Editions, you can harness the power of the Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM without compromising on price, flexibility, or future needs. With the different Editions, you can choose the tools you need for the size business you have now with a user-friendly interface and action-based Lightning Dashboard— plus the ability to upgrade in the future with no hassle.


How Salesforce Editions Works

With Salesforce Editions, you can choose from four levels: Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited. They’re not different products — each level builds off of the one before it. As your business grows and you see the need to customize your CRM or grow your team, you can seamlessly and immediately transition to higher and more robust Editions without losing data, time, or energy.

With each Edition, you pay for the number of users who have access to the CRM. As you upgrade your Edition, the price per user also increases because you have access to more tools and more customization.

Why Start With Salesforce Essentials?

Essentials is the entry-level Edition for the Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM. It may be the entry level, but it is still very robust and gives small businesses the opportunity to take advantage of being on the Salesforce platform without paying the same price as a multi-million dollar corporation.

Highlights of the Salesforce Essentials Edition:

  • Have up to 10 users; each user costs $25/month
  • Find and manage leads better
  • Manage customer and sales details
  • Sell from anywhere on any device
  • Collaborate across your company
  • Cross-sell and upsell more easily
  • Customize and automate processes


Upgrading To Higher Salesforce Editions

After your company has used Salesforce Essentials for some time, your employees have mastered the tools, and your business has grown, you may see the need to transition to a more robust Salesforce Edition. If you choose to do that, you simply upgrade your subscription and you immediately have access to all of the additional tools of the higher Edition you’ve chosen.

With the higher Salesforce Editions, you have the ability to:

  • Forecast data and sales more accurately
  • Quote orders and contracts for sales
  • Improve engagement through Campaigns
  • More robust automations
  • More effective management of sales teams and territories


You have the ability to use all of these tools immediately and easily because you started with Salesforce Essentials and are still on the Salesforce platform. You don’t have to migrate your data — it’s all there, and Salesforce will help you use the data to take action. Your team is already familiar with Salesforce, so they don’t have to waste time learning a new product.

Learn more about the Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM and Editions.

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