A recent update to Salesforce has made it much easier and more efficient for our clients to see their data and use it — helping them grow their businesses and serve more clients.

That update is Salesforce Lightning. It’s a completely reimagined platform based around your ability to use the data you enter into Salesforce. It’s the future of sales and CRM.

With Salesforce Lightning, your home page becomes a work space. Every time you log in to Salesforce, you see your opportunities, touchpoints with contacts, action items, and key performance indicators. Lightning helps you take action.

According to the study, “The Total Economic Impact of Salesforce Lightning,” the innovative new features in Lightning can help your company save up to 10 hours of work per employee, per week. That means your business can be more efficient and create more personalized experiences for your clients.

Part of the reason employees are more efficient is because of Lightning’s analytics-driven home page dashboard. With Lightning, you get clean, helpful insights into the different areas of your business based on the data you enter into Salesforce.

From your dashboard, you can make better decisions based on your data insights. With the Salesforce AI component, Einstein, you can see trends, monitor your analytics, and predict future needs — all from within Salesforce.

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